Get to the Finish or Die Trying: The 2015 Angeles Crest 100

Marcus C. England

It is really difficult to move happily through life without adjustments along the way. Stagnation is a key component of misery. It is important to understand what makes you happy, what goals you need to achieve to become happy, and what you are willing to sacrifice to meet those goals. Odds are that happiness will be a moving target throughout your lifetime.

I have often struggled to figure out exactly what makes me happy. I have a lot of interests. I have a “noisy” brain that seems to constantly throw thoughts at me at a speed that can be overwhelming at times. I’ve also had a lifelong goal of building a career and life that is fulfilling and stress-free as possible. These factors have contributed to me suddenly taking drastic measures like moving to Central America, moving to California, leaving a very well-compensated position at a consulting firm during the…

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