Me and my shadow

As I have mentioned before, when I run I will let my mind go where ever it needs to, to help push me through the miles. With my work schedule and family obligations I typically run at night, North Carolina can be hot in the summertime and I also find traffic more tolerable. Night running can present several challenges that must be thought out carefully.

In the past I have never given much thought to my safety but as I’ve gotten older and my eye sight is not what it used to be, I realize that is I have trouble seeing when I drive and others might have trouble seeing me. So I started wearing reflectors on my shoes and shirts. I have also found using a head lamp very useful. All of this gives me a sense of security and allows my mind to do what it must.

Several months ago as I plotted along I began to notice my shadow, a hideous, gross figure that resembled Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre-Dame and it got me thinking about my form. I wondered if my form looked as bad as my shadows. I certainly felt as bad as I thought I looked. This got me thinking about another fictional character, Peter Pan and his shadow. I began to imagine my shadow planning his escape and me chasing it around town trying to recover this wayward shadow.

I hope, over the next several months I will begin to see some improvements in my form and my shadow will decide that I am worth hanging out with.

As always, enjoy your fitness escape.


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