Bay Run 2015

Jess Runs 21.

2015-08-02 07.17.39

Bay Run round 2 was every bit as fun as I thought it would be. And every bit as tough.

I have come such a long way from my first ever Bay Run, which was my first ever fun run, and exactly a year ago tomorrow.

This year’s slightly altered course took us on an 8km journey instead of the usual 7km – We started at Leichhardt Park as usual, running 4km one way over the Iron Cove Bridge, down Henley Marine Drive, and back again. The only qualm I have was that they possibly needed at least one more water station, but the water fountains along the way helped.

I wasn’t too focussed on my finishing time, which ended up being 01h:03m, what I was most impressed about was the fact that I ran for 8.1km straight without stopping to walk once. That is an achievement I never thought I’d make. Even…

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