To the Finish

A Hop Skip and a Mom

Over the last few summers, I have been gradually working myself into being in decent enough shape to hike a full trail on Mount Rainier. The first summer I tried I was not prepared at all, and was the dummy in flip flops trying to walk through snow. That, as you all can probably guess, did not go over very well, and the prospect of continuing soon lost its appeal. Then, last summer, the kids, my dad, and I got more serious about it, and would hike once to twice a week on the mountain. My dad is an avid hiker, one who would take 5-10 day trips on his own, and has climbed the Mount Rainier all the way. Twice. The hikes he picked last year were “easy” as he put it, yet I was only able to complete three of them the entire summer. Always turning back, panting and…

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