Constant Hunger, A Run With A View, and Deja-vu


It’s been a couple of weeks of highs and lows here. Following the long and winding road run from last time, I decided that the next long run would be on some of the hilly trails closer to home. It started out pretty well, it was overcast with intermittent sunshine, but cooler, so easier to handle. Unfortunately, just over half way I missed a turn-off, and ended up a lot further down the mountain than I had intended. I had to come back up a very steep long hill, which I basically walked as it was actually faster, but had me knackered and after another 45 mins of running, I stopped 2km short when faced with another steep hill. I can’t even blame bad maps this time, I just wasn’t paying attention. It was also quite slow time-wise, which I expected due to the increased climbing and higher altitude, but…

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