Injuries Put Runners on the Sidelines and We Don’t Like It!


Tomorrow morning I will be on the sidelines.

When the alarm buzzes at 4:00 a.m., I won’t have to get up (but I will). I won’t have to pull on my running clothes and make sure my bib is pinned on my shirt (is it straight?). I won’t have to elbow my way through thousands of runners to find my designated corral (shouldn’t I be faster by now, starting closer to the front of the pack?). I won’t fidget nervously as I wait for the announcement to take the first step (I hope I don’t trip, I hope my skirt doesn’t slip, I hope I run strong, I hope I hope I hope!).

For just the second time in nine years, I will miss running the Disney Half Marathon with my family. Oh they’ll run, Jake and Zack, but thanks to a persistent pinched nerve…I’m stuck on the sidelines.


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