Soaking Up the last of these Running Summer Days

I really dread cold weather running



September is upon us and Fall is legit in the evidence before us from the slightly turning leaves to the just-turning-chilly evenings, though you would never guess by these extra humid days we’ve been having. One would go so far as to say it’s July all over again; just don’t plan your life around this weather, its uncertainty is just about the only thing you can rely on these days. Weather we really can’t discount it entirely, I have really enjoyed city running this summer. Past experience ensured that I was able to use all avenues available to me to ensure I maxed my running potential, which is not over just yet; still a few days left to appreciate the sun, humidity and running at a dusk that’s not dark.

Seeing we’re into marathon season here in the Big A, runners are greedily sucking up the daylight in parks…

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