The Noob’s Ultimate Guide to The Ten Commandments of Sucking Wheel: How to Get a Free Ride With the Advanced Group Without Being A Jerk

Fit Recovery

Every cyclist who’s ever ridden a bike has sucked wheel at one point or another.  Alberto Contador has turned that into an art form for crying out loud.  I ride with a group of cyclists who are vastly faster than my friends and I.  If I’m going to survive, I’m sucking wheel for most of the ride – short turns at the front, a little bit of hiding and a strategic fallback or two at a traffic sign before the hills.  When you’re an avid enthusiast rolling with Cat 3 and 4 racers, you just do your best.  Or better still, you’re a “D” rider trying to hang with the “C’s” or “B’s” or a “C” with the “B’s”.  Whatever the case, it’s been oft-repeated that if you want to ride faster, ride with people faster than you – and that pretty much sums it up.  It’s not rocket science. …

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