AT Update: 13 – The First Frost

Data for the Mothership

Virginia is long, but I am going fast. I’ve been doing better than 100 miles a week, and it feels great. Most of the days lately have begun with a climb up to a ridge, followed by several hours of easy walking to the next notch, where I either stop for lunch or set up camp, depending on how many ridges I’d already crossed that day. The only difficulties have been the fallen leaves hiding loose rocks and the shrinking window of daylight.


Oh and the cold. We had a quick two day taste of winter before it went back to normal autumn temperatures, and the fact that the sun couldn’t keep me warm by itself made me very unhappy. Cold nights are one thing, I have a sleeping bag. But being cold in the sunlight? It feels like a betrayal. But whatever, I’m going fast and the voice in…

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